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About The Vanity Diaries

How it all began...

The Vanity Diaries was a concept created 2 years ago by Lauren Alexandria that was quite tragically, sidelined for studies. Fast forward those 2 years and it has been resurrected but this time, with tonnes more knowledge and far stronger a concept. Vanity has always been a huge part of my life. From being a slave to it, to getting sassy with it or for the sake of it! It is so important to cover all sides of vanity and why people pride themselves in their own as we all have our own reasons for doing such. Every blog written is sprinkled with personality to make it light hearted and enjoyable to read- as if we were friends next to each other gossiping! 

The blogging format and concept focuses on combining 2 key things for maximum reader/viewer engagement which is BLOGGING and YOUTUBE. Now, some may want to call it "vlogging" but I am in no way doing a VIP look into my life, it's slightly different. I want to engage deeper with people by giving a more chattier version of my blogs because sometimes, we just like watching and listening as opposed to reading, right? it depends on our mood! Every video will always have a blog on this website to accompany it and that is what makes this concept unique in that everything always comes back to that, first and foremost, we're bloggers. 

We aim to cover in our blogs and videos - but by no means limited to -  make-up, beauty hacks, fashion, reviews, hauls, vanity mishaps, fitness/health/well-being, skincare, self image/self worth and even home decor! 

Vanity in all it's forms, for whatever purposes, does not discriminate and is sure as hell not limited. It may be for fun, for sanity or for just taking sheer pride in your appearance/personal space like the absolute queeeeen you are 👑 ! This blog is inclusive for ALL!

Welcome to OUR diary, babe. Get a cuppa or a glass of wine (perhaps a gin?) and put your feet up- we will take it from here! 

Much Love,

Lauren Alexandria | The Diary Creator 💋


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