About The Vanity Diaries

How it all began...

The Vanity Diaries was a concept created 2 years ago that was quite tragically, sidelined for studies. Fast forward those 2 years and it has been resurrected but with more knowledge and far stronger a concept. Vanity has always been a huge piece of my life. From being a slave to it, to getting sassy with it or for what i will mention a lot through-out this blog as for 'sanity vanity' (which basically is my term for vanity reasons much deeper rooted). it is so important to cover all sides of vanity and why people pride themselves in their own. 

Now, a little over 8 years ago i was wheelchair bound and forever complimented on how immaculate i looked 'Despite my circumstances' *major eye roll 😴* . I may have been unable to sassy walk down the street at that period of time but i sure as hell made up for it by treating my two wheeled friend as a throne! And for anyone who dared to look down at me? My legs may have gone south but my ponytail was forever flicking in their direction! 💁

Vanity in all kinds, for whatever purposes, does not discriminate and is for sure not limited. It may be for fun, for sanity or for just taking sheer pride in your appearance like the absolute queeeeen you are 👑 ! This blog is for ALL!

Welcome to OUR diary, hun. Get a cuppa and put your feet up, i'll take it from here! 

Much Love,

The Diary Creator 💋



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